Better Business Better Life Better World - The Movement

Excel Financial Advisors is proud to be a part of the Buy1Give1 Giving Program (or B1G1, as we like to call it), and have been a proud supporter since 2016. Being a part of this program has been really rewarding to not only those we endeavour to help, but to our Excel team, and has given us exciting opportunities as well - Stuart is now a co-author of an international best seller!

Together with other business owners around the world who share a common link via the Buy1Give1 movement, this labour of love is now a reality. This book is the second edition titled "Better Business Better Life Better World - The Movement", where 62 business owners and social impact leaders from around the world share their advice to their grandchildren.

I've been lucky enough to have already read the full pre-release copy of the book and am absolutely amazed at some of the great wisdom that has been shared. I'm sure there will be something in the book that will ring true to everyone.

We have pre-ordered a limited number of copies which will be available for purchase very soon, but you can pre-order your copy now!

What You Get & What We Give

Buy purchasing Better Business Better Life Better World - The Movement, not only will you get a fantastic, inspiring read, but you will also become part of the movement itself!

Better Business Better Life Better World - The Movement is already an international best seller, and by purchasing this hard copy edition you will also find the book has exclusive additional interactive bonuses that can be enjoyed such as videos, interviews and audio, a highlighting section for notes, photos, changeable content and much more.

This interactive book retails at $25, and for a $10 deposit you can secure your pre-ordered copy, as well as get your hands on a bonus electronic copy of the first edition, titled Better Business Better Life Better World released in 2016.

For every copy sold, Excel Financial Advisors will be giving access to clean water for a family in Ethiopia for a year through our association with the B1G1 movement and the wonderful work being done by the Well Wishers Trust.

The Well Wishers Trust is a support organisation which funds the construction of Hand-Dug Water Wells in the northern Ethiopian province of Tigray. The programme also includes training & education in health & sanitation matters as well as family planning.

Without a well, women spend on an average of 3 hours every day collecting about 20 litres of polluted water for their families from sources often shared with defecating livestock. Children, especially girls, help collect water instead of going to school. Carrying capacity limits water to 4 litres per family member per day. The World Health Organisation targets at least 20 litres minimum per person. Up to 20% of children under the age of 5 die from water borne diseases.

Here at Excel, we want to try and be a part of the change and make a difference to the lives of others which is why we are proud to be a part of the programme. Part of the sales from this book will be given back to B1G1 to provide further wells for fresh drinking water to those who need it most. These wells are constructed using portable equipment and village labour. The clean water provided by these wells eliminates water borne diseases, significantly reduces the time taken to provide water for the family which in turn frees up time for family care and other income producing activities. It also allows children the time to attend school and helps break the poverty cycle.

Payment Details

To pre-order your copy of Better Business Better Life Better World - The Movement and obtain your bonus gifts, please deposit $10 to the following bank account, using your name as a reference. Please also give us a call on 4934 8844 or Email Us to confirm your email address so we can email you a copy of your bonus electronic book, Better Business Better Life Better World to read in the interim.

You shall be notified via email when your copy of The Movement is available for pick up where the remaining $15 shall be due. Local delivery can possibly be arranged at our convenience. Postage is available at an additional expense to the buyer.

Account Name: S Fitzpatrick
BSB: 182 512
Account Number: 9616 34011

Thank you for your support. Together we can make a difference!

To find out more about our involvement with the Buy1Give1 Giving Program beyond this book, Click Here