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From Monday, August 13 until Friday, September 21, our office hours will be changed due to Stuart and Heather taking a long awaited long service leave to Canada and Alaska. Our office will remain open but the hours will be decreased during this time. New hours are:

Monday - Friday: 10 - 2.30. No after hours appointments will be available during this time.

If you need to get in contact with us outside of these hours please leave a message on our answering machine and we shall get back to you ASAP. Sorry for any inconvenience caused, and thanks for your understanding. Please make sure you've liked our Facebook Page to stay up to date with Heather and Stuart's travels!

You may know us by the terms accountants, financial advisers, mortgage brokers, smsf specialists, or property investment specialists, and of course those are the names we're called in the industry and by professional bodies. It's what we're called by the Government and the regulators. Look up the phone book or do a google search and those are the words you will find. But it's not what we do and it's not who we are. We're much more than that. We're in the business of providing financial solutions for our clients.

At Excel Financial Advisors, our purpose is to help you improve your financial position, so you can build a better future for yourself and your family. It's what gets us up in the morning and drives us throughout the day.

We do this by working with you to understand your goals, by providing education to improve your knowledge of financial matters, by providing proactive business, tax and financial advice, and by providing you with access to quality investments, products and services.

Helping you improve your financial position to give you the ability to choose what you want to do, is what gives us the most satisfaction in our work.

B1G1 When you use our services we also do something to help someone else Build a Better Future by providing access to basic needs we take for granted and small giving to empower change. Please click the logo to find out more information.

Together we can make a difference.

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Why Choose Excel

Need help with your finances? Here's something to consider...

  • Any accountant can help you minimise taxation
  • Any real estate agent can sell you a property
  • Any stockbroker can buy shares for you
  • Any mortgage broker can get you the financing
  • Any insurance broker can provide you insurance
  • Any financial adviser can provide you advice
  • Any lawyer can help you set up an estate plan

But very few have the capability and expertise to combine all of these elements into an integrated financial plan that maximises your chance of financial security and success.

Our director, Stuart Fitzpatrick, is a Certified Practising Accountant (Financial Planning Specialist), SMSF Specialist Advisor™, Certified Financial Planner®, Qualified Property Investment Adviser® & Mortgage Broker.

  • We help you build a better future

    Our focus is on helping you build a better future, whether by helping you grow your wealth or improve your business profitability, by creating strategies to protect your family against financial hardship, or by helping you achieve your goals and aspirations.

  • We are a one stop shop for all your financial needs

    We are more than just accountants - we can help you finance your home or investment property, insure your most important assets, create and protect wealth, plan for your retirement, and help you run your SMSF with confidence.

  • We don't just do tax

    We don't just do tax returns. We use our knowledge and experience to ensure you pay no more tax than you have to. We offer tax planning advice to our business clients, and educate our clients on the records they need to keep to maximise tax deductions.

  • We are specialists in SMSFs

    We can provide specialist support services to SMSF Trustees across all areas of accounting, compliance, strategy and investments. We provide you with the support and tools to allow you to make the most of your decision to manage your own superannuation.

  • We ease the burden of compliance

    We take complex accounting and compliance matters and explain them in an easy to understand manner. Let us slash the time you spend on compliance issues so you can spend more time on things you would prefer to be doing.

  • We don't believe in surprises

    We will agree the scope of the work and the fee involved up front each time we commence a project for you. The fee will not alter unless the scope of the work changes or the quality and accuracy of the information provided to us is not as described. When a fee does need to change we will discuss this with you as early as possible.

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Important Reminder

We are now taking appointments for 2018 tax for new and existing clients! There's no time like the present to book an appointment!

For items to consider when doing your 2018 tax return, download here.

To find out what can be done to improve your tax situation, Contact Us and make an appointment so we can help you on your way to meet your financial and lifestyle goals.


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