The way we communicate and absorb information has changed over the years, but for many people there has always been a preference for visual and audio content over printed text. Fortunately, technology makes it easier now to deliver content to you in video format, whether it is produced internally by us, sourced from the public domain including from other authorities such as the ATO or ASIC, or provided to you with the assistance of our strategic business alliance partners.

We've put together a library of video content (which will continue to grow), covering a range of topics we feel will be of interest.

Many of the videos discuss financial concepts and are meant for general information only – they are not to be considered as financial advice as your personal needs and circumstances have not been considered. Please do not rely on the content of these videos only in making financial decisions – it is always best to seek professional financial advice.

Some of the videos provide technical information, or training content in the use of some of our products and services. Providing information in this way may allow you to access our services after hours, but of course we're available to answer any questions or provide further explanation during business hours if you need – just give us a call and ask for our help.

We've also included some motivational videos which are not only entertaining but thought provoking and may help you identify issues which are holding you back from setting and achieving your goals.

Property Investment

Our thanks to Dr. Tony Hayek and the team at Blue Wealth Property for these entertaining and informative videos on different aspects of property investing.

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Thoughts & Inspiration

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. - Winston Churchill.

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Bonus Videos

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