Premium Partners of Buy1Give1

Excel Financial Advisors exists to help our clients build better futures. But there are only so many people you can meet and so many lives you can positively influence on a one-to-one basis. We want to do more.

In 2014 we were invited to help one of our clients with a project dear to their hearts - they were personally providing money to build a school in a Cambodian village. We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to share in this project by providing the funds to furnish two of the classrooms. It was a great feeling to know you were making a positive impact on the lives of so many people who you would probably never meet.

A project like that takes a whole lot of time and effort, and coordination through a local charitable organisation. It was something we couldn't do ourselves, and we were humbled to be able to be a part of such a & worthwhile project.

But those sort of opportunities don't come around too often - or so I thought - but I was thinking about it all wrong. You see, it doesn't have to be a big project to make an impact. Many small giving events, if done regularly enough, can make such a huge difference. But where do you start, and how do you make it a regular part of what you do?

The answer for us came through an introduction to the great work done by an organisation known as Buy1Give1. B1G1 helps businesses achieve a greater social impact by embedding giving in their everyday activities. We knew this was the right solution for us.

We are proud to be a premium partner of the Global Giving Initiative of Buy1Give1. This means that whenever we do business with our clients, something great happens.

We know we can't change the world by ourselves, but collectively we can all make a big difference. Over 2000 businesses around the world are members of the B1G1 movement. The counter on the right shows the collective positive giving impacts to date.

Our Giving Impacts (We like to call them Smiles)

One of the great things about B1G1 is they stay in regular contact with the various projects, and can provide us with updates on the impact our giving is having. This allows us to feel more connected to the projects we support.

Through B1G1 we are able to easily change the projects we support from time to time, to spread the impact of our giving to different parts of the world and to projects with a different focus, whether it be the provision of basic necessities such as food or water, access to education, protecting the environment, or improving the quality of life of a person in need.

Since joining B1G1 in April 2016 we've supported a number of worthy projects (there are so many to choose from), but this year we've decided to concentrate our efforts on just 6 projects.

We will continue to support a goat breeding program in Kenya, which over time will provide sustainable income and nutrition for many Kenyan families.

We will also continue to support the construction of wells in Ethiopia to provide fresh water for rural villagers.

After talking to several teachers we have decided to change our focus from providing access to education for a single person, to helping fund school classrooms and other infrastructure which will benefit entire communities in Cambodia and Nepal.

We will also be assisting rural farmers in Kenya by supporting access to irrigation for village community crops, and providing grain seed to help feed children in Malawi.

Each time we make a giving impact through B1G1 it creates at least two smiles - the smile from the people who benefit from the assistance, and the smile of joy it brings to us to know the small giving we do helps make the world a better place.


365 Days - 365,000 Smiles (Our 2017/18 Giving Campaign)

Over the course of the 2017/2018 financial year, the B1G1 community has a combined goal of 100,000,000 giving impacts.

Our goal is to make 365,000 giving impacts - 1,000 smiles for every day of the year.

We aim to provide:

150,000 days irrigation support for farmers

150,000 days access to clean water

30,000 bricks for building of school classrooms

35,000 days' worth of grain seed

75 goats for income generation

50 chickens for income generation

We will do this by linking a giving activity to many of our daily business activities - see our "giving stories" below.

How Can You Help Us Reach These Targets?

By being a client and using our services

We have linked many of the services we provide for clients to a giving event, so someone in need will also benefit by you just being a client and using our services.

By Giving a Testimonial or Referring Someone to us

If you are happy with us we'd love you to tell your family, friends and colleagues.

Don't forget to share our campaign and giving stories on facebook or other social media.

When you provide us with a testimonial, we will provide a family in Ethiopia with access to clean water for a year and give a chicken to a rural family in Kenya.

When you refer a potential client to us (and let us know who you've referred), we will also provide a family in Ethiopia with access to clean water for a year and give a chicken to a rural family in Kenya.

If the person you've referred becomes a client, we will provide a further 365 days clean water to a family in Ethiopia.

By Supporting the Projects Directly

Each of the projects we have selected for the campaign are registered as deductible gift recipients with the Australian Taxation Office. This means any donation you care to make of $2 AUD or more will be tax-deductible.

Campaign Results 1 July 2017 to 31 March 2018

Our Giving Stories

The way we link our business activities to giving activities is through our "Giving Stories".

Linking a giving activity to one of our everyday business activities means the giving becomes second nature - its just part of our normal procedures now.

We know that every time we complete a task for a client, we're also doing something which will benefit someone in need.

Linking our internal business activity to a giving activity means we think of things differently. Instead of thinking of having to do so many hours continuing professional development training, its now the opportunity to give bricks to help build school classrooms.

And our favourite activity each month is when we tally up the numbers and make the giving through B1G1.