At Excel, we do things differently

We’re not your typical accounting firm. Sure, we provide tax advice and look after tax compliance, but our focus is helping you create and protect wealth so you have the financial means to achieve your goals. We do this with tailored advice, education, and access to quality services and products.

  • Any accountant can help save you tax

  • Any real estate agent can advise you on property

  • Any mortgage broker can get you financing

  • Any stockbroker can buy shares for you

  • Any insurance broker can recommend you insurance

  • Any financial adviser can provide you advice

  • Any lawyer can advise you in the set up of an estate plan

With our background, we have the capability and expertise to  
combine all of these elements into an integrated financial plan which
can maximise your chance of financial security and success.

We’re not just any accountant or financial planner

Tax Time 2019

Time to get your info together for to prepare you 2019 tax return.

Call Stacey to arrange an appointment now by calling our office on 02 4934 8844.

Checklist of items to consider to complete your tax return.

We are here to help you.

We don’t just do accounting and tax — far from it. There is so much more to having a good financial position.

We will work with you to improve your financial situation at a pace you are comfortable with.

For some people this will be a comprehensive review and strategic plan which will be put in place over a relatively short period of time.

For others, it will be a gradual, staged approach.

How do we work with you at Excel?

Before we get started with together, it’s really important that you are able to share what’s important to you financially with us.

We can help you best when we know where you are now and importantly where you would like to be this time next year and at later stages in your life. To get the most out of the meeting we’ve prepared just two quick and easy questionnaires.  When completed, just schedule a meeting with us!

About Excel

At Excel Financial Advisors our focus and passion is to help our clients build better futures for themselves and their families.

We do this by working with you to understand your goals, by providing education to improve your knowledge of financial matters, by providing proactive business, tax and financial advice, and by providing you with access to quality investments, products and services.

Being a small business allows us to learn and understand what is most important to our clients, so we can help you achieve the goals that really matter to you. We listen. We care.

Being small doesn’t mean we can’t look after your needs – we invest heavily in ongoing training and we’ve aligned ourselves with industry experts and leaders across the range of services we provide so we have the best technical and product support to help us deliver our services to you.

Excel Financial Advisors can look after all your needs in the areas of accounting and taxation, financial planning, finance broking and SMSF advice and support services.

We believe small businesses have the power to make a positive impact on our world — to be a “Business For Good”. We believe we can change lives by doing what we do everyday.

Driving the Excel team to do our best

Our partnership with B1G1

We are proud to be a premium partner of the Global Giving Initiative of Buy1Give1. This means that whenever we do business with our clients, something great happens.

We know we can’t change the world by ourselves, but collectively we can all make a big difference. Over 2000 businesses around the world are members of the B1G1 movement. The counter on the right shows the collective positive giving impacts to date.

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