Excel Financial Advisors exists to help our clients build better futures. But there are only so many people you can meet and so many lives you can positively influence on a one-to-one basis. We want to do more. To find out how we started Click here

We belong to a global giving movement called Buy1Give1 (B1G1). Over 2,900 small businesses across the world from a wide range of industries have joined forces to help make a difference, with over 248,000,000 giving impacts (smiles) during the past 14 years.

At Excel Financial Advisors our goal for 2021/2022 is to create

600,000 Smiles

  • 300,000 Days Access to Clean Water

  • 140,000 Days Irrigation Support for Farmers

  • 140,000 Days Worth of Grain Seed

  • 20,000 Bricks for School Classrooms and Dormitories

How Can You Help Us Reach These Targets?

1. By Being A Client

We have linked many of the services we do for our clients to a giving event – for example; for every personal tax return we lodge we give 365 days access to clean water in Ethiopia. When we prepare a financial plan for you or help you with a home loan we give 300 bricks towards building classrooms and dormitories in Cambodia.

2. By Providing a Testimonial or Referring a Potential Client

If you are happy with us we’d love you to tell your family, friends and colleagues.

Whenever you provide us with a testimonial or refer a potential client to us, we will provide a month’s irrigation support to farmers in a rural Kenyan village.

3. By Buying a copy of Better Business, Better Life, Better World – The Movement

Not only will you pick up a few tips from 62 business owners, but each copy of the book sold will provide access to clean water for a year for a family in Ethiopia.

The way we link our business activities to giving activities is through our “Giving Stories”. Take at look at our current stories below:

Clean Water - Ethiopia

Clean Water - Ethiopia

One of the B1G1 approved projects we’re supporting again this year is managed by the Wellwishers Trust, a support organisation which funds the construction of Hand-Dug Water Wells in the northern Ethiopian province of Tigray.

Read more

Building Schools - Cambodia

Building Schools - Cambodia

One of the B1G1 approved projects we’re supporting again this year is managed by This Life Cambodia. Funds raised will be used to build classrooms, dormitories, ablution blocks and walls for schools in rural communities. Read More

Building Wells - Malami & Zambia

Building Wells - Malami & Zambia

One of the B1G1 managed by Every Home Global Concern. Funds raised will be used for the construction of wells which will result in less time wasted walking to find clean water Read More

Irrigation - Kenya

Irrigation - Kenya

We’re supporting again this year, managed by World Youth International. By providing funding for irrigation it helps provide food security for rural communities, with the projects supporting fruit and vegetable gardens and maize crops for sustainable income and nutrition.  Read More

Food Security - Malami

Food Security - Malami

We are once again supporting this year a project managed by Every Home Global Concern, an organisation which distributes grain seed, fruit and vegetable seedlings to people in both Malawi and Zambia as part of a food security project.  Read More

All up, we were able to give 366,207 Smiles to those who really needed it last year.
Thank YOU for using Excel Financial Advisors for your financial needs to help make this happen!

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Business becoming a force for good. Excel Financial Advisors are premium partners with B1G1.
Watch here to learn more about how B1G1 works with us to help bring positive impact to our world.