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We had done our own research on some changes we were wanting to take for our family and needed a professional to check it over to make sure we weren't missing something and were happy with some input and suggestions that we may of not though of. Stuart was exactly what we needed, we explained the situation and we went through everything we had done and Stuart was able to work through a couple of options with us and we walked away feeling happy and confident that we were on the right track and even had a new idea that we didn't think was possible. Down to earth advice with out being bamboozled thank you both Stuart and Heather you make a great team - Amanda & James, 19/02/18

Excel Financial Advisors have been managing our financial portfolio for the past 18 months. During this time, Excel have completed complex tax returns, helped us establish a robust financial plan and have also spent significant time educating us on the 'dos and don'ts' when it comes to property investment. After following their advice, we find ourselves in a sound financial position and have just recently purchased our first property. Although purchasing our first property was quite daunting, the Excel team were able to guide us through the process from start to finish. We are very thankful for their patience and support. For anyone looking for a tax agent, financial advisor or mortgage broker I would highly recommend Stuart and Heather from Excel Financial Advisors. Thanks again team! Kellie & Daniel - 11/12/17

Stuart and Heather of Excel Financial Advisors have the most customer-centric approach to what they do. They treat all their clients as if they are members of their family and the advice given reflects this. Stuart will take all the time necessary to explain everything and to make sure everything is understood. To be a client of Excel is to know you are being looked after by people who care about you. Tony - 29/3/16

I found Stuart very knowledgeable, listening to my needs, and then helping me understand the options available in early retirement. Now, I feel more confident taking control of future needs in retirement, knowing that Excel is there to help and advice along the way. I would not hesitate in recommending Stuart (Excel Financial Advisors) for anyone looking to understand available strategies to build a better future for all your financial matters. Sue - 24/2/16

Stuart is an expert in the self managed super area and has been extremely proactive in structuring my super fund so as to minimize taxes and maximize return. As a qualified accountant myself I have enormous respect for Stuart's skills which are enhanced and maintained by regular ongoing professional development. Byron - 11/2/16

I visited Stuart to determine if a SMSF was suitable for me. He spent well over an hour looking at my current position and advised me that it was not a viable option at this point in time, even though this meant doing himself out of business. Thanks for your honesty Stuart. Anthony - 29/1/16

I have been Stuart's client for over 10 years and have found him a reliable, and trustworthy accountant, tax advisor, and financial advisor for my Self Managed Super and private investments. I would highly recommend him to friends and relatives. And have enjoyed working with him on many facets of my financial planning and estate management. Helen - 9/1/16

My husband and I have been dealing with Stuart who is Excel(lent) for a number of years. In that time he has always been extremely helpful, knowledgeable, professional and approachable in all our dealings with him. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needs financial help. Pauline - 24/12/15

Always gives excellent professional advice in an easy to understand and friendly manner. Highly recommended. Jeff - 17/11/15

Stuart is a highly professional advisor who understands his clients needs and offers sound technical advice on planning for the future and overall wealth creation. Scott - 15/11/15


Stuart has set our SMSF up and we are extremely happy with how it is progressing. Stuart is a great communicator, friendly, reliable and very competent. Denise O - 30/9/15

My previous experience with people involved in my SMSF accountancy and advice was less than ideal, I found Stuart to be very reliable, trustworthy and helpful in all aspects required to run a SMSF correctly. Stuart's knowledge base and experience is extensive and I highly recommend him and his advisory services. Trevor G - 29/10/15

I have known Stuart for more than 15 years and I have found him to be friendly, approachable, and committed to the best interests of his clients. Stuart can discuss and provide the latest and most suitable strategies for his clients and places great importance on being educated in current methodologies. I recommend Stuart to anyone seeking a professional, committed, genuine accountant / adviser. Leigh M - 28 Oct 2015

I have been a client of Stuart's for about 10 years and have recommended Stuart to other work colleagues and friends most of whom are now clients of Stuart. I would not be recommending Stuart if I was not convinced of Stuart's capability. Les G - 2/10/15

Since engaging Stuart 9 years ago I have realised this has been one of the best financial decisions I have ever made. Stuart has played an integral part in helping grow our small business & very importantly has helped us set up strategies for our retirement planning. Part of our strategy we purchased a couple of investment properties thru our SMSF which Stuart assisted us in purchasing. With Stuart's expertise I now feel very confident planning for my family's financial goals & retirement. Louise S - 30/9/2015

I cannot recommend Stuart highly enough! He has a wonderful mix professionalism, knowledge and experience and the ability to put the need's of his clients first. For someone who is just entertaining the idea of investment and retirement planning, Stuart is great at explaining all the options in a way that is easy to understand- meaning you can be confident you are making informed decisions that are based on sound advice. Kirrily S - 21 Sept 2015

Stuart is very knowledgeable, he explains things in a way that is easily understood particularly when the topics you are discussing are new to you. Stuart follows up on an issues and provides great feedback. Brad C - 19/9/15

Stuart always goes above and beyond to answer a question. Nothing is ever too much trouble and he makes you feel like you're the only client he has! Joanne M - 18/9/15

Stuart is always available and I trust him totally. Helen W - 11/8/15

Stuart is a knowledge, helpful person that works tirelessly to ensure his clients get the attention they require. Harley G - 29/7/15

With any meeting I have with Stuart, We always walk away with new knowledge about our current investments and confidence in my Financial situation moving forward. Stuart is great at fielding questions about our plans for the future and always providing helpful, customised advice in a friendly easy to understand manner. Chris W - 26/07/15

My wife and I have found Stuart extremely helpful with setting up and guiding us thru our investment building. He has always been contactable throughout this and has had practical advice that has been easy to understand, A person I have no hesitation in recommending to others. Darren W, 25 July 2015

We are very happy with all the services that Stuart provides. He is very vigilant in responding to our enquiries. Any advice given to us is received in a clear & understanding way therefore we feel confident in his strategies to guide us financially with our business goals & the road to our retirement. Bill S - 23/07/15

I have always been very happy with the service and advice provided by Stuart over several years now. His advice has been sound and any matters I have raised have been dealt with promptly. Jenny M - 21/07/15

During the last five years Stuart has assisted me with both Tax Returns & Financial Planning and his knowledge & expertise has exceeded all my expectations. A previous experience with financial advice, had left me with many question marks; however, after just briefly mentioning my concerns with Stuart when first meeting him, I was amazed at his listening skills and how quickly he was able to alleviate these concerns. A portfolio followed, which is interesting, varied and exciting to view the results!! Cecily G - 13/07/15

Stuart has always explained investment information extremely well so that it has made me confident to go forward in terms of the management of investments in our Self Managed Super Fund. I would never have thought 3 years ago that I could buy and sell on the Stock Market as I wouldn't even have thought of doing this before meeting Stuart. Chris McN - 11/07/15

I have been with Stuart for about five years and he has been exceptional. His advice has proven to be spot on over and over again. And he is a good listener and can adapt easily to your comments or questions. Very pleased with the service provided. Noel J - 10/07/15

To whom it may concern.
Setting in motion arrangements to list our weekender for sale (to help fund our retirement) had me consulting the local phone book looking for financial advice.
I came upon Stuart Fitzpatrick's advertisement for Excel Financial Advisors listing him as both a CPA and a FPA member and made an appointment. Although I was a huge sceptic and viewed financial advisors as shifty and being only out to line their own pockets, after a previous experience with trailing commissions. I was prepared to listen and consider the advice given.
I came away from that first meeting extremely impressed by Stuart's knowledge and reeling over all the things that I needed to learn to give myself a chance of being able to manage our super in a Self-Managed Super Fund. Everything that Stuart said made sense and as I learnt more about the processes and became aware of how easy it was to negotiate the Stock Market (something I knew nothing about previously) I was converted.
My husband and I are in charge of our own superannuation and it has been a great learning experience for us both.
We have increased our initial rollover amounts considerably in the two years since starting as we have been prepared to invest more money than ever before and are absolutely thrilled at how it has grown in that time. Under Stuart's guidance we are now much better prepared for retirement than we ever would have been. Christine McNally, 15/09/14

Thanks so much to you and your 'Team' for making my retirement a pleasure - I can just sit back, while others are looking after my interests! A job well done and a pleasure to have such a good working relationship. Cecily Guest, 30/06/14

These guys gave us great advice and help with setting up our SMSF. Nothing was ever too much trouble or any question to silly to answer. Lisa W - 13/01/14

Have to say, I hope your clients realise how lucky they are to have an accountant who is so meticulous and cares so much about their work. You are definitely a favourite of mine!!! Jo H, Director of Engage Super Audits - 15/05/13

Stuart Fitzpatrick has looked after the establishment and on-going management of our self managed super fund over the past 6 years. Stuart has the advantage of being both a CPA and a Financial Planner, thus he is able to combine tax/estate management issues with the complex procedures of managing a SMSF. We have found Stuart extremely professional in his approach and advice, together with a degree of innovation not often found in accountants. We have been very happy with his advice and intend to continue using his services for our SMSF. Trevor C - 9/04/13

I have been a client of Excel Financial Advisors for around 5 years & over this time Stuart and his team have looked after my tax affairs, provided advice on employment contracts, superannuation and salary packaging, and arranged finance for me to purchase two investment properties - one as a house and land package they organised through a specialist property investment company they work with, and the other I identified myself as my future retirement home
What makes their assistance so special is they have done most of this while I've been working interstate on fly-in fly-out mining contracts in remote locations. They have helped me find a real estate agent to manage one of the properties, organised a solicitor to handle the conveyancing, and even helped me with construction progress inspections while I was interstate.
Stuart and his team went out of their way to ensure everything went smoothly, and to keep me informed of anything I needed to know.
It's great to know that Excel Financial Advisers can handle anything of a financial nature I need help with.
My retirement plans are now on track – it wouldn't have happened without the help of Excel Financial Advisors. Barry B - 9/04/13

Changing an accountant for any reason, no matter how valid, is a leap into the unknown. Unfortunately I felt compelled to seek a new adviser because the previous firm helping with our SMSF advice wanted to increase control and take over facets of our investment and trading which I was happy to do myself.  In addition there was also a hike in fees that I felt was excessive.
From the very start Stuart and Heather were friendly, professional and welcoming while comfortable with allowing me to make my own decisions regarding the direction of my investments. What was most impressive was the amount of detail Excel brought to light concerning our SMSF which convinced me that Stuart and Heather's knowledge base was well above average. I am very content with the service from Excel and have no doubt other new customers will be as happy as I am. Ian & Annie W - 17/03/13

My wife Louise & I purchased a small business 3 years ago on the Central Coast of NSW & at that time we engaged Stuart, Heather & their team to help with advice, financial planning & future planning of both the business & our family's future. They have been a most important part of making our business grow, become profitable and move forward.
Heathers ability to help with forward planning & their ability to understand our business needs as well as their ability to explain their advice in a clear and understandable way gives us much confidence in our business & personal financial decision making.
We have a very special feeling of trust in their advice knowing they understand what our goals are as they deal with our finances & retirement planning. They are an integral part in working on the business as well as working on Louise & my future as our children grow & leave school.
We highly recommend the Excel team as a knowledgeable, hardworking & trusting group of people with your business or personal financial & lifestyle future as important to them. Bill & Louise S - 16/01/11



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