Self-Managed Superannuation Videos

ATO Introductory Videos - The following videos are from the ATO and outline the basics of an SMSF

ATO SMSF Video Playlist

1. SMSF Annual Obligations
2. SMSF Sole Purpose Test
3. SMSF What's Involved With an SMSF
4. SMSF You Can't Do It All Yourself
5. SMSF Loans and Early Access
6. SMSF Investment Strategy
7. SMSF Paying an Income Stream
8. SMSF Planning for the Unexpected (Relationship Breakdown, Incapacity, Death)
9. SMSF Trustees – Individual or Corporate
10. SMSF Trustee Declaration
11. SMSF Arm's Length
12. SMSF Setting Up Your SMSF
13. SMSF Retirement and conditions of release
14. SMSF Planning for Retirement
15. SMSF In-House Assets
16. SMSF Borrowing and limited recourse borrowing arrangements
17. SMSF Super Contributions Cap
18. SMSF Why do I Want an SMSF?
19. SMSF Separation of Assets
20. SMSF Record Keeping in Your SMSF
21. SMSF When Should I Wind Up My SMSF
22. SMSF Business Real Property

SMSF Strategies - The following videos are from Grant Abbott, one of the leading industry experts on Self-Managed Superannuation. Stuart is a SMSF Specialist, so if these videos contain anything you would like to discuss click here to make an appointment.

Grant Abbott - Excess Concessional Contributions Tax

Excess concessional contributions tax of 46.5% has hit more than 100,000 superannuation members -- a horrendous penalty. Find out more about it so you can avoid the hefty tax bill.

Grant Abbott - Estate and Incapacity Planning

We're pleased to be able to bring you this video on SMSF Estate Planning by Grant Abbott, one of the leading industry experts on SMSFs. It goes for about 30 minutes and covers a lot of ground, so make yourself a cuppa before you watch it and don't be afraid to pause and go over things you want to see more than once.

Grant Abbot - Grants' top 5 SMSF Borrowing Strategies

In this brief video Grant sums up his best 5 tips when borrowing in an SMSF.

Grant Abbott - Generation X and SMSF's

This video from Grant Abbott discusses Generation X and the strategies people of this demographic can use for their SMSF.