Better Business Better Life Better World – The Movement

Excel Financial Advisors is proud to be a part of the Buy1Give1 Giving Program (also known as B1G1), and have been an active supporter since 2016.

Being a part of this program has been really rewarding to not only those we endeavour to help, but to our Excel team, and has given us exciting opportunities as well – Stuart is now a co-author of an international best seller!

Together with other business owners around the world who share a common link via the Buy1Give1 movement, this labour of love is now a reality. This book is the second edition titled “Better Business Better Life Better World – The Movement”, where 62 business owners and social impact leaders from around the world share their advice to their grandchildren.

One of the great things about this book is provision has also been made for you to record you own advice to your grandchildren about how to run a better business, how to live a better life, and how to help create a better world.


What You Get & What We Give

This book is special in many ways. Not only do I think its a great read, but it also comes with exclusive interactive bonuses to enjoy, such as videos, interviews and audio, a highlighting section for notes, photos, changeable content and much more.

When you buy the second edition, you will also receive at no cost a bonus electronic (PDF) copy of the first edition titled Better Business, Better Life, Better World, published in 2016.

In purchasing a copy of Better Business, Better Life, Better World – The Movement, not only will you get a fantastic, inspiring read, but you will also become a part of the B1G1 movement itself!

About Buy1Give1 (B1G1)

B1G1 enables small businesses to make positive impacts on the lives of the others by linking giving acts to our everyday business activities.

Over 2,600 small businesses across the world have joined forces to help make a difference, with over 150,000,000 giving impacts being made during the past 11 years.

For every copy sold, Excel Financial Advisors will be giving access to clean water for a family in Ethiopia for a year. For more information about our involvement with B1G1, Click Here.

Book Orders & Payment Details

To buy your copy of Better Business Better Life Better World – The Movement and receive our bonus gifts, please download the order form below and follow the instructions.
  • Better Business, Better Life, Better World – The Movement – $25.00
  • Better Business, Better Life, Better World (Book 1 pdf) – FREE GIFT
  • Postage & Handling (per order) – $10.00

The hard copy books have now arrived and are available for purchase!