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Growing concerns about a slowdown in global economic growth preoccupied financial markets in March. The US Federal Reserve now forecasts no rate rises in 2019 instead of the two it previously planned. US 10-year government bond yields fell below 3-month yields on the news. This ‘inverted’ yield curve is viewed by markets as an historical predictor of recession, so it would be wise to keep an eye on economic and market trends.

In Australia, economic growth slowed to 0.2 per cent in the December quarter, for an annual rate of 2.3 per cent. This was reflected in the more cautious mood of business and consumers. And with a Federal Election looming ever closer many people are now deferring decisions until they have a better idea of the policies which will influence our lives and the economy in general over the next few years. I suppose we’ll know soon enough – but at least we have the opportunity to vote (unlike some parts of the world). With opportunity comes responsibility, so whichever side of politics you lean towards take the opportunity to have your say.

Next month brings up a big anniversary for us – it will be 15 years since Heather and I first took the leap of faith to go into business full time and opened our office at Tea Gardens. I would like to take this opportunity to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU to all our clients who have chosen to work with us over the years. You are appreciated, even if we’re not great at showing it sometimes.

I’d also like to tell you a little story about a problem we’ve had over the past couple of months, and to ask your help to try and overcome it.

So much of a businesses reputation is tied to what people say on the internet, whether it be positive or negative, and people often check out a business online before deciding whether to make contact. This is just the way of the world these days, so of course we’re just as keen to ensure our online reputation is as good as what people who know us say about us in person.

Recently we’ve been getting quite a few phone calls or emails from people who have been receiving unsolicited phone calls from someone claiming to be Excel Advisors and offering to sell them marijuana investments. Of course it’s not us (the phone number quoted is a Sydney based number that just goes to a recorded message saying it’s Excel Advisors) but we’re getting caught up in it because our business name is similar and comes up in Google searches.

We’ve had quite a lot of people give us a call to let us know what’s going on, and most are quite understanding when you explain what’s happening, but you get the occasional person who decides to hop on to google and leave a poor review about your business because they mistakenly think its us calling. Something I found out very quickly is how much one bad review can impact on your overall ratings with the search engines and how potential clients see you. It seems the only way to counter bad reviews (deserved or not) is to outweigh them with good reviews.

So this is where I need your help. If you like the way we work with you, please take a few minutes to leave us a review on Google or Facebook – even better would be to leave a short testimonial if you like. It doesn’t need to be lengthy – just a few short words would be appreciated.

To leave a review on Google please go here to our Google page – Excel Financial Advisors.

To leave a review on Facebook, go to And while you’re there leaving a review, please like and follow us on Facebook.

As many of you would know, we have linked a number of activities relating to our business to supporting projects through the Global Giving Movement – Buy1Give 1. It’s our way of trying to make a positive difference in our world. If you provide us a testimonial, we will provide a month’s irrigation support t a rural village in Kenya. If you like and follow our Facebook page, we will provide a year’s worth of grain seed to nourish a child in Malawi. Please help us,and make me put my hand in my pocket!