We are able to add significant value to your finance requirements by sourcing, originating and structuring loans to best suit your needs.

Let us help turn your dreams into reality.

Our finance solutions cover a broad range of areas, including:

  • Home Loans
  • Investment Property Loans
  • Business Loans
  • Development Finance
  • Leasing, Commercial Hire Purchase & Chattel Mortgages

How our Services are Provided

We meet with you to gather information about your circumstances, discuss your requirements, and conduct a preliminary assessment of your borrowing capacity.

If we feel we are able to help you, we will then provide you with a series of disclosure documents that set out a number of issues including how we are paid for our services, any fees you may be required to pay, and details of the lenders we may consider to meet your needs.

When you have appointed us as your finance broker we will review the product features and lending policy conditions across our panel of lenders, and identify the three products and/or lenders we feel are most appropriate for your needs. We will

present these alternatives to you in a written Statement of Advice, together with our recommendation of the most appropriate product and lender.

Once you have selected the lender and loan product from our short-list, we will proceed to obtain the finance approval for you. We will liaise with the lender and your solicitor throughout the process up to and including settlement to ensure the process goes smoothly. Then every so often we’ll check in with you to make sure everything is OK.

Borrowing Capacity Assessment

Do you know your borrowing capacity?

Let us help you work out the level of borrowings you are comfortable with, and what the banks are prepared to lend to you.

There can be a wide range between what different lenders are prepared to lend on the same income levels.

If you wish to borrow more than 80% of the purchase price, it will often be the Lender’s Mortgage Insurer, and not the lender, that dictates the total amount that can be advanced.

Don’t just settle for what your current banker tells you is your borrowing limit. Let us compare your borrowing capacity across our wide panel of lenders.

We can assess your borrowing capacity and arrange pre-approved finance to enable you to negotiate your property purchase with confidence.

Pre-Purchase Finance Approvals

A pre-approved mortgage is a powerful negotiating tool with vendors. Sellers will know you are serious about making a deal and that you should have no issue

securing finance when the time comes to sign on the dotted line.

Talk to us to discuss what’s required to get a pre-approved loan.

A pre-approved mortgage will allow you to know how much you can afford to spend as well as the amount you are likely to pay in mortgage repayments.

Commercial Lending

Stuart Fitzpatrick worked in the Business Banking Division of the State Bank of NSW / Colonial State Bank for 11 years and has extensive experience in most areas of business and corporate finance. Stuart understands what the banks require and knows how to present your finance application to provide the best chance of success.

Equipment Finance

Don’t tie up all your working capital in financing equipment purchases, when these funds could be better used for other purposes. Let us arrange finance for your next vehicle or equipment finance, or better yet a pre-approved leasing limit.

Our Panel of Lenders

Although most lenders adopt similar policies and procedures, it is often the subtle differences in product features or lending policies that makes all the difference in being able to meet our client’s needs.

Some lenders offer a broad range of products, while others service niche areas.

We believe a diversified panel of lenders is necessary to be able to offer an effective and competitive service to our clients. But although diversity is required, the number of lenders and product options should not be so great that we lose track of the detail.

We are able to offer our clients genuine choice when it comes to their finance needs. We have accreditations with the following lenders;

Residential Lenders

Commercial Lenders