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Loans Through Excel Financial Advisors


Thank you engaging us to assist you with your lending needs.

To provide your information to us, you will receive an email from "Customer Portal: Welcome to My Finance Community". You will be able to provide us with your needs and requirements, add and update your details including your financial details and you will also be able to upload your documents that are required in the attached required documents checklist.

Below are the steps we would like you to also complete. Please click on the each of the *button links* to get started on each step. If you have any questions, please give us a call.

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The Excel Team

5 Minute Health Check

The 1st questionnaire is the “5 Minute Financial Health Check” - which will literally only take a few minutes. It will help to confirm your priorities. It asks a series of questions which you simply need to click on your response – between 1 & 4 depending on whether you believe you do or don’t require further advice. By the way, if there are any areas which AREN’T relevant simply choose the “N/A” option. When you have answered all the questions you will be asked to “submit” this information which will be automatically sent to us.

*Click here to start Step 1 Health Check*


Credit Guide & Privacy Policy

This 2nd step will take you to sign our "Credit Guide & Privacy Policy". This Credit Guide provides you with the key information that you need to know to make an informed and confident choice when engaging our products and services. This Credit Guide summarises our goals and standards, offerings, fees, and commissions. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you need more information or clarification.

*Click here to sign the Credit Guide*

If you are a couple, please sign one each.


Access Seeker Authorisation

This 3rd step will take you to sign our “Access Seeker Customer Authorisation form”. This provides authorisation for the broker to seek to obtain credit reporting information to assist with obtaining credit.

*Click here to sign the Authorisation Form*

If you are a couple, please sign one each.


Borrower Disclosure

This 4th step will take you to sign our "Borrower Disclosure form". This provides the broker with disclosures from you.

*Click here to sign the Disclosure*

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