A mortgage broker is your own “personal brains trust” at one of the most stressful times of your life! Dealing with a bank, whether for your first home, your seventh home or refinancing your existing loans is always stressful.

Your broker will do the legwork for you to help work out the pro’s and con’s of various lenders and find out a couple alternatives to obtain the finance based on your particular circumstances.

If you go to a bank, you will only be offered a loan which they have to offer, not necessarily the best one for you.

If you use a broker you will be assessed for loans from multiple lenders, which could include the bank you have your accounts with already, or banks that don’t even have branches. You will then be given a choice for which one is the most suitable for you and why.

The broker assists you from the start in the planning stage (could you even afford to do it!), to the structure of the finance, right through to dealing with the solicitors with the co-ordination of the settlement.

Lousy at paperwork? that’s okay. The broker helps you with all the paperwork, helping you jump the hurdles on your behalf until you get that unconditional approval. This is the stage which can be quite stressful without a professional by your side helping you.

Especially in these COVID times we have found more & more banking & legal staff are working remotely and need to be prodded sometimes to help keep the ball rolling within (sometimes) quite tight timeframes.

Stuart has a long history in the mortgage industry. In a past life he was a bank manager, and has been actively involved in this area ever since.

Excel Financial Advisors holds its own Australian Credit Licence (No 392277). We are not tied to any particular bank and will give you an up front quote and appraisal of your suitability for a particular loan and why.

So, if you are thinking about needing finance to buy your first home, or looking to refinance at a lower rate, or consolidate your existing loans to make more manageable,


You might be surprised at what you can achieve.

Remember, If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes! We are here to help Build Better Futures!

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